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Another 2* positive book reviews

UPDATED – 9/11/2020

We love that people are responding well to our debut book! We just got word about another positive book review–this time from a 4th grade teacher and blogger named Sierra Dertinger. Follow her on Twitter @4Dlovestoread. Her blog is called Books. Iced Lattes. Blessed. (Cheers to that!) She’s got about 100 reviews of middle grades books as of our last look.

What we really liked about her review was that she framed her response around the classroom potential for Gabe Faces Ignorance:

I think this book would be great as a read aloud in the classroom so the classroom community can discuss the meaning of “ignorance”, “privilege”, and what does it mean to have a strong friendship.

Dertinger, August 28, 2020

Thanks for taking the time to read our debut book and provide a positive book review. We hope our books will be able to start lots of classroom discussions!

Update: Another positive review came in that also stresses how Gabe Faces Ignorance can spark conversation. Bookworm for Kids is a blog from Tonja Drecker. She provides her “tidbits” about each book, which are helpful little thoughts to consider when seeking your next book. She says of Gabe:

This is probably one of the most direct books I’ve run across, when it comes to explaining Islam to kids… it does a nice job at opening up to discussions and getting those thought gears turning. The illustrations are nicely done and make the various happenings clear.

Drecker, September 10, 2020

Thanks for taking time to review our book!

Keep in mind we have an awesome new book on the way and another coming in close succession! It’s a busy time over here at Sugarfree Books and we hope to keep putting out the types of literature that garners positive book reviews.

Here’s a sample from our forthcoming book expression. It’s a story with very minimal text, and it asks questions about public art and sanctioned creativity. With a November release date to coincide with Guy Fawkes Day, we have plenty of lead time to tease more and more of this beautiful artwork.