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COVID-19 Update

First, Sugarfree Books would like to extend a thank you for visiting our site, and we wish you and your close ones health and safety. We also want to recommend continued social distancing despite the various bodies suggesting a reopening of the economy. The State of Georgia was one of the first in the USA to reopen, and here we are a week later awaiting the results of this dangerous experiment. While we will continue to discuss some economic topics in the remainder of this post, we want to be clear that economies are not equivalent in value to healthy complex social systems. It’s our view that staying at home right now is the most responsible action we can take.

Anyhow, this certainly hasn’t been the launch we desired for our debut book–largely due to COVID-19. This pandemic has pulled back the veil that has kept hidden many of the cracks in our society and the suffering of those who are not served by it. After almost a year of fundraising, revision, and collaboration, our book was published and released to the public via major online retailers. Within a week, public spaces were shut down and our ability to arrange publicity events and public readings disappeared. Shortly following, those major online retailers de-prioritized books and focused on consumer staples and necessities. In brief, our book launch wasn’t so much a failure as never got off the ground–more Challenger than Apollo 13.

We have been working to put together a read aloud/audiobook version for free release, which should be coming soon. Our hope is that parents and teachers will have an opportunity to continue the social dialogues that sustain an intelligent functioning society, and our book is just one way to contribute to those conversations. There are so many conversations to have with kids today, and it might be overwhelming without some guiding content. How do we begin unpacking the breakdown of healthcare; the profit-driven, employment-based health insurance system; the denial of science; the systematic defunding of vital government agencies; government corruption; and the list goes on…? All of these things are part of the reason why the USA has been so badly impacted by this virus.

We are also beginning a search next week to hire some part-time help in our pivot toward an online promotion of the book and our brand. We haven’t finalized anything yet, but our intention is to find some student teachers who lost classroom opportunities while on the hook for tuition these past couple months to help us advertise our mission and Gabe Faces Ignorance to teachers, parents, and librarians. See the Contact page for more info.

I also want to announce that we are looking for illustrators for one or two new projects. Also check the Contact Page.

Do good and be well.

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