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Great Letter

We received a great letter–I’d like to think of it as an endorsement–from Hon. Rashida Tlaib of the US House of Representatives. We sent her and a few other politicians and celebrities a copy of Gabe Faces Ignorance back in March. She’s the first to respond, which is super cool since we aren’t even in her district.

As our first book, we’re honored that she found it has a “beautiful anti-bullying sentiment” and the she appreciates the focus on “self-awareness.” Such a great letter to receive. Awesome!

We’ve been happy with our consistently growing readership. After a frighteningly slow April and May, we had become concerned that this little venture of ours was not going to work out at all. Since then, we’ve seen a positive trend in sales, which is likely a result of economic factors and a push toward social justice awareness. June and July have been really big improvements for our sales, but we’re not quite a major publishing house. Hopefully, a great letter of support like this will help boost our visibility. Please feel free to share or comment.

Thanks to everyone who supports the various struggles for equity and justice right now. There are many!

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