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Three Questions 2 – Dan Rose

Welcome to “3 Questions,” the Sugarfree Books podcast. In our April 2019 episode, I’ll be talking with Dr. Dan Rose, clinical psychologist and Director of the Counseling Center at Columbus State University, and we discuss the resilience of children, how books can affect children who have undergone trauma, and the role of the family in child-rearing decision-making.

  1. Why do adults avoid discussing difficult knowledge with children?
  2. What role does literature serve in the process of working through trauma?
  3. Where lies the responsibility for guiding young people into adulthood?

Keeping with our amateur production quality identity, I recorded this conversation on my phone in a restaurant with a ridiculous amount of ambient noise. The vast majority of the discussion is audible–and Dan is a brilliant guy–but disclaimer made. We will strive to get better every time, so stick with us as we grow.

“A book is a wonderful way to begin a dialogue.”

Dan refers to the work of Wilfred Bion, mentioning the notion of “the thought unknown” and the “self-object matrix.”

He also brings up The Interpersonal World of the Infant by Daniel Stern* to mention “the myth of the isolated mind” and “interpersonal neurobiology.”

*Not the Wet Bandit.

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