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A teenager navigating a troubled home, an uninspiring school, and a world turned upside down by a virus looks for a creative outlet to express herself. She finds inspiration in public art, but finds herself in the margins once again. What does beauty mean in public spaces?

ISBN: 978-1733261722

Gabe Faces Ignorance

When Gabe unintentionally hurts his friend Sofia, he has no idea what he did wrong. It turns out he doesn’t know everything about her, and that his actions have unforeseen consequences. Sofia cleverly directs a conversation they have with her dad to lead Gabe toward a new understanding of their relationship and of his role in promoting bias.

ISBN: 978-1733261708

Let the Mystery Be New!

A young girl finds herself outside of a discernible reality and asks questions of the voice interacting with her there. Is she creating her own world? Is she writing her own story? What does it mean for life to have meaning?

ISBN: 978-1733261753

No Puzzles Tonight

On a typical evening, Joey would be doing puzzles with his grandmother. As they sit in Grandma’s hospital room, he and his mother piece together the memories of a life well-lived. Hers was a life that they’ll hold on to even after she’s gone.

ISBN: 978-1733261739

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New title production has been paused as we move home offices following a company restructuring in 2022.

NEW! Contagion and Community: A Dialogue

Parents and child talk about germs and social distancing in a globalized world that has begun to see the cracks in our interconnected lives.

Overcoming Opioids

Families and communities torn apart; self-medicating depression and an addictive personality; corporate greed and social marginalization–how do we build something good together from the rubble?

My Life as Someone Else

Our first YA chapter book is an autobiographical exploration into the uncertainty of being a transgender teen trying to forge a path into adulthood in Reykjavik.