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As a new publishing house, Sugarfree Books has a handful of independent authors with manuscripts submitted. While we hope to expand significantly over the years, our current development, sales, and marketing calendar is quite near capacity. We have also recently undergone a restructuring of our business, and with that we have move our home office. As of 2022, we are not taking on new projects until we have settled. That being said, we would love to review your manuscript when we restart new title production. If interested, check out our guidelines on the submissions page. Currently, the following authors and illustrators are working with us:


L. I. Forsete

L.I. fashions himself a gadabout-cum-raconteur. He enjoys the creativity of young minds and instead of telling children what to do, he prefers to ask them questions to which he cannot know the answer. One thing he does like to tell is stories, and in doing so he often errs on the side of over-contextualization.

Matthew Pryce

A permanent child at heart (and sometimes at mind as well), Matthew brings an acerbic but touching wit to the Sugarfree Books team. Matthew’s writing has appeared on a variety of platforms – print and digital – but he looks to provide forthright lessons and social commentary in his first foray into the world of children’s literature. With a BA and an MA in English from St. John’s University, Matthew draws from a reservoir of literary influences that help color his writing, while striving for truthful storytelling. From Dr. Seuss to Voltaire, Matthew is hoping to provide impactful emotional support to young readers who might be seeking answers to difficult questions.


Photograph of illustrator and artist Farhana Hossain, aka Dewmanna with her puppy dog, maltipoo Whisky

Farhana Hossain

Farhana Hossain grew up in Singapore, where she developed an interest in architecture, theatre and the visual arts. After graduating from architecture school and working for a year as an architectural designer, Farhana moved to New York to escape the tropical humidity (a decision she only lamented during her first ever snowstorm) to pursue animation.

It didn’t take her long to feel at home in NYC because ‘home’ is wherever her Cintiq is. When she’s not too busy eating sandwiches with her dog, Whisky, Farhana works as an illustrator focused on designing and painting environments for animated film.

Check out Farhana’s website for more information:

Gemma Gould

Gemma Gould is a British illustrator, based in the beautiful Shropshire countryside. Drawing inspiration from traditional printmaking techniques, she combines vibrant geometric shapes with textured details and gentle humour to create charmingly quirky illustrations. Gemma has worked with clients worldwide across numerous markets, including children’s books, editorial and animation.

Check out Gemma’s website for more information:

Alex Perone 

Alex Perone is a multi medium artist out of Queens, NY. Influenced by everyone from Al Hirschfeld to Bill Watterson to The Looney Tunes, Alex’s artistic style reflects his personality’s distinctive mix of lighthearted silliness and emotional depth. His combined backgrounds of cartooning, theatre, and music coalesce to make his work a truly unique storytelling experience.

Check out Alex on Instagram for more of his work.